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Deep Fried Oreos!

You know the saying “they’ll fry anything in the South”? I always laughed at people when they said it to me; just another stereotype of being born and raised in a place where it doesn’t snow.
In the area of Florida I’m in, the biggest hoorah of the year is the 4th of July celebration. Everyone loads up their cars with beach gear and heads to the beach for the day. There are all sorts of vendors set up around the center of Flagler Beach, selling just about anything you can imagine. I came across one a few years ago that was selling Fried Oreos, and I fell in love! A cookie monsters dream? I think so!
Upon doing a little research I figured out that if you whip up some pancake batter, you can fry pretty much anything. Being the fat kid that I am, I decided to test the “fry anything theory”.
Thus, “Deep Fry-day” was born. Once a month, I will put the deep fryer to the test and see how much better I can make something by frying it.
Starting with the Deep Fried Oreos! It’s fairly simple.
(we will get to the Peeps later…)
You will need:
  • - pancake mix (whatever brand you like – this was just a freebie)
  • - Oreos
  • - Chocolate Syrup
  • - Powdered Sugar
From my experience, these are SUPER RICH. I can only eat one or two, so I didn’t bother making a whole bunch. They’re kind of a make and snack type of treat – not something you can save for later!
1 – I started by mixing a cup of pancake mix with 3/4 cup water (directions on the box).
2 – Drop the Oreo in the bowl, and coat the entire cookie with pancake batter.
3 – Drop the Oreo in the (warmed up) deep fryer.
4 – This literally doesn’t even take more than about a minute to finish. Turn them over once you notice the edges turning brown. The cookie will turn a nice, golden brown color on both sides, and it’s done!

5 – Once the cookie is drained of all the extra grease, cover it with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar and enjoy!
These survived long enough to take pictures. Haha. An awesome treat, but trust me: they’re good in small doses!
Now on to the Peeps. While talking to a few friends, one of them had the idea of attempting to deep fry the classic Easter treat.
The sugary coating on the Peep won’t actually allow the batter to stick to them. Knowing this, I dropped it in the deep fryer anyway. It took all of about 3 seconds before the batter disappeared and the marshmallow was following suit.
Moral of the story is – marshmallows aren’t something that should be fried.
Any ideas for next month’s “Deep Fry-day?” I’d love to hear them!

Til next month ---
Taryn Leazah

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