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Deep Fried Twinkies!

It’s Deep Fry-day!! For the month of May, I dragged out the trusty old Fry Daddy and tortured some Twinkies. Prior to this, I had never tasted a Twinkie. Hard to believe coming from a junk food kid, but it’s true. According to some good friends of ours Deep Fried Twinkies are extremely popular, so here we go!
All in all, it’s pretty simple:
Start with mixing your pancake batter to the instructions on the box. I used the measurements using 1 cup of pancake batter, which was more than enough for the 4 Twinkies we did. Coat a Twinkie with the pancake batter on all sides. They’re spongy (go figure), so they’re kind of hard to work with if you let them sit in the bowl for too long.
Drop the Twinkie in the hot grease. This is the easy part – let it brown on both sides and put it on a few paper towels to drain some of the grease. There is a lot!

And there you have it!

Need some inspiration for next month! Any ideas??

--- taryn leazah