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HE PROPOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, went a little overboard with the exclamation points there, but I am so excited! After 8 years, he finally decided to make it official. And I couldn’t be happier. Seriously. I am like over the moon, can’t eat, can’t sleep happy. It seems like I waited FOREVER for this day. I already feel like we’re married, but for some reason this just makes it so much more ‘official’. We’ve been talking about getting married for a couple of years now. I kind of already knew that he was the one for me. No one else could put up with us the way we do, that’s for sure. The way we support each other and the fact that we still have fun is what makes this worth while. We’re high school sweethearts. How often do you hear that now a days?
Want to hear how he did it? Of course you do! (Be prepared, I’m crying already.)
Last week, he announced that he actually wanted to do something for Valentine’s Day this year. The past two years we didn’t do anything ‘big’. His ankle surgery and money were a little pressing on our plans. So, after looking at a few local places we decided to go visit the Swamp. (For those non-Gator fans, that would be the University of Florida stadium in Gainesville, FL). We figured we would so some shopping, check out the stadium again before the renovations started and enjoy the day drama and Facebook free. (Fail. Couldn’t wait to announce our engagement on Facebook. Is it sad that that’s what the world has come to?!)
So yesterday, we dropped off the furry child at her Grandma’s, and we were off. It’s not too long of a trip. It was nice to just drive without any interruptions. Once we got to Gainesville, it took us (literally) 45 minutes to find a place to park. Leave it to us to visit a college campus in the middle of the semester.
As we’re walking, we find a Big Ass Fan that of course he wants installed in our garage immediately.
We get to the top of the stadium steps, and I’m snapping pictures like I‘ve never seen the place before.
We walk all the way down to the bottom…
He says, take pictures of the signs and the championship banners. So away my phone goes. Snap, Snap.
Then he says ‘You might want to get some pictures of this too.’ At this very moment, my heart was in my throat. I was completely, utterly speechless. Then before I could get anything out other than ‘Oh my God’, the waterworks started. When he said ‘Will you marry me?”, it was all I could do to not sob like a bad soap opera actress. I kissed him without saying anything, and when I hugged him he said “You didn’t answer….” Of course my answer was yes!
So three hours of crying, lots of love from Facebook and from our families later, we continued our day shopping. We were supposed to go to a nice dinner before heading back, but that got screwed up because I got sick. Apparently with the beginnings of strep throat. Yay engagement day!
So now he’s standing over me, waiting for me to eat pizza so I can take my sickly self back to bed. I’m not arguing. We’ve got lots of planning to do. Not that I already haven’t been planning our wedding since day one. What girl doesn’t? Especially with Pinterest around?!